Video Slots

The normal slots were the common machines in casinos for years but now we do have video slots which are machines with advanced features. They are more interactive as you push a button spinning the reels where you may hit a bonus round and have to select certain items.

This may require the user to touch the screen to activate the selection, this is just one example of how they have changed. There is many features to video slots that could not be put into single reel machines. More lines that payout, bonus rounds and free spins are the main features. Some games will award credits randomly now, as you’re playing all of a sudden something starts to happen and you can no longer push your button this is what happens when the random bonus is activated. Player for the most part prefer the video slots since they are more interactive and they want to see what next is going to happen. They are quite a bit more thrilling than boring old machines but there is those that still like old traditional machines over the video slots.